image/svg+xml Bco. del Formocal Bco. de Arpán Río Vero Bco. La Choca Río Vero Radiquero SanPelegrín Alquézar Asque Colungo Lecina Bárcabo Hospitaled Almazorre Betorz Erípol Sta. Mª dela Nuez QUIZANS CHIMIACHAS MALLATA B ABRIGOS DE BARFALUY LECINA SUPERIOR MURIECHO LABARTA ARPÁN REGACENS MALLATA I GALLINERO CUEVA DE LA FUENTE DEL TRUCHO

The small and hidden cave is found in the Sierra de Sevil, next to the Mesón. Although removed from the main collection of painted shelters of the Vero, it contains figures in geometric, levantine and schematic styles, depicted in red and black.

There is an interesting superimposition of the pictorial displays. Above the geometric angular symbols, depicted in red, is a superimposed levantine deer, depicted in black, and above this, a schematic element, depicted in red.

There is great interest of a scientific nature in the shelter, given the presence of the superimpositions.


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