Through out the year, the Rio Vero Cultural Park offers various activities connected with the prehistoric age for all the public.

The most popular being the guided visits to the prehistoric cave art that can be visited during the scheduled months or prearranged. A specialized guide will take you on a tour to discover all the secrets of the Arpán, Mallata and Barfaluy cave paintings.

These trips finish off with workshops in prehistoric technology at the Cave Art Visitor Centre in Colungo.
Taking place in August, it is known as “The Mysteries of the Prehistoric Age” and in an enjoyable and didactic way, over two days, the monitors cover various aspects of the life of our ancestors, such as hunting, fire, ceramics and painting.

Every two years the park hosts the Prehistoric Weapons European Championship. People from other countries and parts of Spain participate in the events of shooting with bows and spear-thrower that are carried out in the surroundings of Tozal de Mallata and in the Cave Art Visitor Centre.