The River Vero Cultural Park has been known, since its beginnings, for working in cooperative projects and forming part of international, as much as national networks. Noteworthy among which are:

- “Programa Terra” (1997-2001). An experimental program by the E.U., conducted in conjunction with the “Terra Incógnita” project, with partnerships in Spain and Italy, which led to the launch of the River Vero Cultural Park.

- Preiber Project: Prehistoric Iberian Network (2004-2008). Regional Cooperative project “Leader Plus”, with partners from different areas in Spain, which permitted an equipment upgrade, including the application of new technologies.

- European Cultural Route “Prehistoric Rock Art Trails”. Authorised in 2010 by the Council of Europe through the Government of Aragon, bringing together the main cave art destinations of Europe and arising from the “Repparp Project” (European Interreg III B Sudoe initiative, in order to create the European Cultural Route). To find out more, see

- Patrim II project “Network of Pyrenean Heritage Museums and Centres” (European POCTEFA Initiative). Formed through partnerships between Spain and France and intended to create a network of Pyrenees related museum centres.