Amongst the fun cultural heritage activities developed throughout the year for the Somontano de Barbastro region and the River Vero Cultural Park, is the Prehistoric Weapons European Championship, hosted here on a biennial basis.

The venue for this event is the locality of Colungo, and since 2004 the surrounding area of Tozal de Mallata. The objective of this innovative event is to strengthen the value of prehistoric heritage, and diversify tourism offerings in the area of cultural tourism.

The championship is as much about the specific weapons events as it is about a complete program of activities for all ages and sections of the public, whether they are participants or not.

These will take place in the Cave Art Centre of Colungo and in the surrounding area of tozal de Mallata, where the weapons circuit is set up.

The championship is about a leisure activity of great significance in many different European countries (France, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, etc). It takes place in locations that contain important European prehistoric sites that are associated with the sporting activity, prehistory and cultural tourism.

In our region, the events take place in a particularly fitting environment with the Valley of the River Vero containing one of the most unique collections of cave art in Europe, which was declared UNESCO World Heritage in 1998.

The implementation of the championship is an innovative action, aligned with the objectives of the Somontano de Barbastro region and the River Vero Cultural Park, which are focused on the natural and cultural resources, and carrying out new activities related to them. Nowadays the event is completely integrated into the regional calendar.


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