The Cave Art Centre of Colungo has been providing workshops and fun activities related to the world of prehistory since 2007. All of the workshops and activities are designed so that they can be enjoyed by both kids and adults alike.

The centre facilitators explore diverse aspects of our ancestor's lives in a fun and educational way: hunting using archery and spear throwers, lighting fires with prehistoric techniques, production of ceramic bowls and necklaces, painting with natural pigments, and the production of shell and sea snail necklaces.

Each summer the centre introduces new things such as making bull roarers (“bramaderas”), an old musical wind instrument, and prehistoric paintings on pebbles.

Fun is guaranteed for the whole family. Children and adults can immerse themselves in prehistory through workshops where they will play an active role. Younger children can take home with them “prehistoric objects”, which they will make themselves. The “Mysteries of Prehistory” welcomes everyone: adults and children, enthusiasts and those unfamiliar with prehistory... Nobody will remain indifferent to the technological advances and the extraordinary abilities of the men and women who lived thousands of years ago in the River Vero surroundings.


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