The Chimiachas shelter is situated in a ravine of the same name, which flows into the left side of the Vero at point of Las Clusas. The itinerary to this shelter is a self-guided hiking route, approximately 3 hours in duration, with splendid Sierra de Guara landscapes.

Starting from Alquézar, next to the pools. The directional signposting, as well as several constructions that replicate shepherd huts typical of the area, serve as visual landmarks throughout the trail. Highlights among the beautiful places that you will pass include the “Balsas de Basacol”, the Quizans Shelter with old farmyard remains, constructed with dry stone, as well as magnificent views of Las Clusas of the River Vero. From “Tozal de los Tiestos”, you will enjoy beautiful panoramic views of the Pyrenean mountain range up to the source of the ravine.

The information panels provide details about the route, its attractions and the Basacol area, its old irrigation systems, and the Quizans shelter with its pictorial content, traditional farmyards and vegetable gardens in the Sierra.

Pictorial content of Chimiachas

It has a unique and spectacular representation of Levantine-style art: a figure of a deer, in a static position, which stands out because of its appearance and stillness.

The well preserved image has been skillfully executed using an outline and plain-shaded filling, with different shades of dark red. It is considered as one of the most beautiful examples of Levantine-style art because of its execution and quality.

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Pictorial content of Quizans

This wide cavity has a collection of schematic-style art, depicted in red, situated in the central area of the shelter. Highlights among the representations include the deer figures, a small caprine, several finger painted dots, lines and spots.

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