The Barfaluy shelters are found in the upper area of the vertiginous rocky headland of La Choca canyon, tributary of the Vero, opposite the Mallata shelters. The itinerary, which takes approximately 1 hour to walk, starts from the beautiful location of Lecina. From the square you will take a path, which first passes between stone walls, through open spaces and then ascends into a vast oak plantation, known as “La Selva de Lecina”, until you reach the cliffs of La Choca canyon. Here you will find the shelters, from which you can take in a beautiful and extraordinary panoramic view of the canyon and is also an fantastic bird-watching location.

In the surrounding area and during the route you will see traditional constructions which make good use of the surroundings: popular architecture, dry stone walls, a fountain, a charcoal burner's clearing, and an old apiary in one of the shelters.

The information panel provides information about the route, its attractions and about the old charcoal burner's clearing.

Pictorial content

Three small shelters contain schematic art depicted in red and black.

In the first shelter, noteworthy depictions are the collection of eleven caprines, the remnants of another one and a possible horse rider depicted in black.

In the second shelter, the collection of red symbols deserves special mention: cruciforms, arrow-shapes, angles and vertical bars. Also depicted are the figures of a possible horse rider, two anthropomorphs and a deer.

In the third shelter, is an interesting scene in red, in which a human figure, with exaggeratedly elongated fingers and toes, is dragging a constructed object possibly a sledge used to transport one person sitting on top of it.

Another depiction, appearing separately, is of another individual, with the same extremities, which appear like claws, and a forked symbol above its head.

Two four-legged animals, zig-zag symbols, dots, branch-like symbols, and a possible large-eyed idol, complete the collection.

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